The West Invested $6 Billion to Destroy Belarus - Lukashenko

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"It is already known for sure that more than $6 billion has been channeled to destroy Belarus. They really wanted to do away with us once and for all," Lukashenko said. He believes that the Belarusian-Russian oil conflict in late 2019-early 2020 was provoked by the West in order to tear two fraternal nations apart ahead of the presidential elections in Belarus in the summer of 2020. "Remember how many visitors of all kinds came to us too often before the elections. They promised help and friendship. The United States even promised to supply us with 100% oil when, remember, we had a conflict with the Russian Federation. And all under the plausible pretext of "preserving an independent Belarus." They tried to break up two fraternal nations right ahead of the elections," he said. Lukashenko called on the opposition members abroad to repent and return to their homeland. "My advice to you is to go home. Repent and get on your knees. Pay penalties for the damage caused, at least partially, because neither your property nor all that you will earn for your whole life will be enough to compensate for what you have done," Lukashenko said. He promised that in case of their arrival, a public commission will be created, co-chaired by the Prosecutor General and the journalist of the STV channel Grigory Azarenok. The commission will also include civil society representatives and MPs. "I want to tell them – it will only get worse in the future, so you'd better return home on your knees, crawling," Lukashenko concluded. Earlier, Alexander Lukashenko promised to "bring Ukraine back to our Slavic fold." In his opinion, Ukrainians are imposed a hostile attitude towards fraternal peoples, including Belarusians. Корреспондент