Russia Urges to Stop the “Hysteria” around Ukraine

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Russia asks the US and the EU to stop escalating tensions around Ukraine and take a constructive position. Russia calls on Western countries to stop the “hysteria” in escalating tensions around Ukraine. Such a statement was made by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov on Monday, January 31, writes TASS. “The fact that the hysteria promoted by Washington really leads to hysteria in Ukraine, where people are almost collecting front-line bags, is obvious and it is a fact. This is the very reverse, very harmful, side of the campaign that Washington is currently conducting. We consistently criticize this line and call on Washington and US allies on the European continent to abandon this line and take a constructive, calm and balanced position,” he said. Peskov also recommended reading provocative information as little as possible. As you know, the United States continues to declare Russia’s pulling of troops to the borders of Ukraine, while Kiev doesn’t see any threat now. Also recently, Russia completed military exercises near Ukraine. Корреспондент