The Media Published the US and NATO Responses to Russia

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The United States and NATO gave Russia their responses to the security proposals on January 26, but the parties did not disclose their details. The Spanish newspaper El Pais has published documents that, according to journalists, are the response of the United States and NATO to Russia’s proposals on security guarantees. According to the newspaper, in response, the United States declared its readiness to start a dialogue with the Russian Federation on arms control in the field of medium-range and shorter-range missiles, as well as to discuss mutual obligations to limit the deployment of offensive missile systems and forces in Ukraine. Also, the United States and NATO allegedly told the Russian Federation that they refrain from deploying nuclear weapons in Eastern Europe. In addition, it is claimed that the United States is ready to discuss with the Russian Federation a mechanism to confirm the non-deployment of Tomahawk cruise missiles in Romania and Poland. The documents also state that the United States is ready to “take a series of confidence-building measures” in the military sphere: in particular, to establish a line for emergency contacts that will help prevent incidents in the air and at sea. In turn, NATO stated that they do not want confrontation, but they will not compromise on issues of principle for themselves. Recall that the United States and NATO responded to the Russian Federation on security guarantees on January 26. On January 31, the State Department announced that they had received a written response from Russia to the security proposals sent earlier by Washington to Moscow. But in the Russian Federation, this information was denied. Корреспондент