China Supports Russia’s Security Demands

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Putin and Xi Jinping have adopted a joint statement criticizing the West policy. The Presidents of Russia and China, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, adopted a statement on Friday, February 4, in which Beijing supported Moscow’s demands to the West on security. The text of the document is published on the Kremlin’s website. “China understands and supports the proposals put forward by the Russian Federation on the formation of long-term legally binding security guarantees in Europe,” the statement said. In it, Russia and China called on the United States to abandon the deployment of medium- and shorter-range ground-based missiles in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe. “The US withdrawal from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles, the acceleration of research and development of medium-range and shorter-range ground-based missiles and the desire to deploy them in the Asia-Pacific and European regions, as well as their transfer to their allies, lead to an increase in tension and distrust, increase risks to international and regional security, lead to a weakening of the international system of non-proliferation and arms control, undermining global strategic stability,” the document says. Russia and China have also expressed concern about the creation of the United States, United Kingdom and Australia alliance – AUKUS, and urge the participants to faithfully fulfill their obligations on nuclear and missile nonproliferation. The parties oppose the abuse of democratic values, interference in the internal affairs of sovereign States under the pretext of protecting democracy and human rights, as well as attempts to provoke division and confrontation in the world. Putin and Xi Jinping emphasize that “the protection of democracy and human rights should not be used as an instrument of pressure on other countries.” It should be noted that during Putin’s visit to Beijing, new contracts were signed for the supply of gas and oil from Russia to China. Корреспондент