Romanian Prime Minister: We Support Moldova in the Energy Crisis

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Romania supports Moldova, considering that “not only the whole of Europe, but also Romania itself has faced an excessive increase in gas prices due to Russian market manipulation.” This was stated by Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca in an interview for the Deschide portal in the context of organizing a joint meeting of the cabinets of Ministers of both banks of the Prut in Chisinau. “We are going to Chisinau with an important paggage of documents that will be signed between various ministries. The areas we focus on are the interconnection in transport, infrastructure and energy, cooperation to support the European path of the Republic of Moldova, the configuration of a new package of gratuitous assistance. We all see how sharply energy prices have risen, not least because of market manipulation and the direct action of the Russian Federation, which provoked chaos in the European market in order to allow the construction of Nord Stream-2. Last but not least, we want this visit to be an assurance for our colleagues and colleagues in Chisinau, but especially for the people of the Republic of Moldova, that Romania and Romanians are there for you, we support you and help you in the most difficult situations. We clearly declare this solidarity, taking into account that not only the whole of Europe, but also Romania have faced excessive gas price increases and market manipulation by the Russian Federation, including due to the presence of troops around the borders of Ukraine, through which gas pipelines to Central and Eastern Europe pass,” said Ciuca. According to the Prime Minister of Romania, the government meeting will jointly discuss four main topics of Moldovan-Romanian cooperation, including the European agenda of the Republic of Moldova, the relationship in the field of energy and infrastructure, as well as trade and economic cooperation, the situation on the left bank of the Dniester and threats to regional security. “There is an extensive agenda, but for this government meeting, we decided together with Prime Minister Gavrilita to focus on these issues of paramount importance for both states,” Ciuca added. Point