Sandu on the Ukraine Situation: Moldova Doesn’t Want to Fight with Anyone

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President Maia Sandu commented on the tense situation in the region, noting that peace and stability in the region are extremely important for Moldova. According to the head of state, these days we are all watching Ukraine and are very concerned about the tense situation on the border of a neighboring friendly country. “Together with the government and Parliament, we have reviewed the scenarios of the crisis and analyzed the risks associated with them. The life and safety of our citizens are a priority for the state,” said Maia Sandu. In this regard, the President urged to show solidarity and remain united. “I urge you not to succumb to disunity propaganda, not to allow hatred to take root in our society. Regardless of the language we speak and our political preferences, we are all citizens of the Republic of Moldova. I hope that tensions in the region will be resolved through dialogue and diplomatic negotiations, because we know how high the price of war is. There should be no such tests. Peace is the key to the future of our region and our state.” Sandu concluded. The President also addressed the residents of Transnistria in Russian, noting that “Moldova does not want to fight with anyone.” “I appeal to the residents of cities and villages of the Transnistrian region. Dear fellow citizens, I ask you to remember that we are a peaceful country. The principle of neutrality is important to us. No one in Moldova wants to fight with anyone. We are building a modern, prosperous state where all citizens are equal before the law and human rights are respected. We are building a state that has a future. State bodies are taking all necessary measures to prevent any possible risks for our country and for our citizens, taking into account possible military actions in Ukraine,” Sandu said. Point