Tkaciuk: We Must Unite for Protests

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One of the leaders of the Civic Congress party, Mark Tkaciuk, noted that protests in such a situation as has arisen in Moldova are necessary and explained why. He stated this during a broadcast on NTV. “There are three possible scenarios. The first one is the one that happens – we put on a white sheet and slowly crawl to the cemetery. We wait for some 4 years, 15 years, saying that Moscow was not built in one day. This is the first option. We have heard it and we know how it will end. The second option is the one I mentioned – the constructive one: we are gathering a social congress, an economic congress, large communities of people who are trying to bring a constructive agenda, trying to attract the parliamentary opposition, the parliamentary majority to solve issues together, since we are all in the same boat,” the politician said. Tkachuk also said that there is a third solution, it is to unite for protests. “We need to unite for protests. Protests in a democratic society are like social hygiene. It is necessary, because while we do not go out on the streets, they (ed. the authorities) think that they never err, think down on you and me, throw our own money collected in from taxes in our faces, and say: “Okay, enough, this is all we can give.” At the same time, they calmly say that “good times” have come, as Olesea Stamate tells us,” Tkaciuk added. The leader of the Civic Congress notes that the party’s protest actions are not supported by opposition politicians. “We don’t know why our protest actions are not supported by opposition politicians. And we don’t want to know about it anymore, we continue the actions. We will tell people why the government failed, and what citizens need to do to defend themselves, to regain their dignity and actively defend the right to justice,” Tkaciuk said. Point