Tcaciuc: We Call for a March under the National Flags of Moldova

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One of the leaders of the Civic Congress party, Mark Tkaciuc, announced that a march under the national flags of the Republic of Moldova will be held on February 25. “We will propose solutions to the Parliament to immediately stop the humanitarian catastrophe,” Tkaciuc wrote. The politician stressed that the new prices and tariffs “kill the remnants of social guarantees.” “Dear friends, this should not continue anymore. The people of Moldova and the country’s economy face a catastrophe. Tariffs and prices kill the remnants of social guarantees, make any entrepreneurial and economic activity impossible and meaningless. The authorities are confused, unorganized and incompetent. All its actions only worsen the plight of the population. The outcome of this catastrophe is already visible - the bankruptcy of the Moldovan Republic and the transformation of the territory of our country into another conflict zone of confrontation and ruin,” Tkaciuc said. He stated that the authorities should find the right solutions in the current situation. “Irresponsibility of our authorities should be opposed by our civil responsibility, the ability to unite and find the right joint solutions. Recent months have shown that our society has constructive ideas in stock on how to reduce all utility tariffs, gas and electricity prices, how to bring the economy out of stupor. Zero rate on reinvested profits, zero VAT rate on supplied natural gas, new negotiations with Gazprom involving experts from the opposition, a demonstration of political will in the fight against organized poverty and the approval of the Law on Life in Moldova,” Tkaciuc added. The politician stressed that the Civil Congress intends to put forward all these conditions to the Parliament. “We are able to come together and put forward all these conditions to the current parliament. We are obliged to fight for our rights and present our common vision of how to end the catastrophe to this government. We must force the parliament to talk not only with foreign ambassadors but also with its citizens. We must wake up the legislators and force them to fulfill their civic duty - to stop the social disaster, outlaw man-made poverty and turn Moldova towards progress and development,” Tkaciuc said. The politician calls on citizens for a protest to be held on February 25. “On Friday, February 25, we call on responsible and caring citizens, political and public figures to march together to the Parliament. Without party symbols, exclusively under the national flags of the Republic of Moldova. Together we will hold a national congress “For Life in Moldova” at the walls of the main legislative body of the country. We will make decisions together, which we will present to the Parliament for mandatory implementation. Including the decision on whether we should continue to dutifully pay for our own early demise or not,” the leader of the Civic Congress party added. Tkaciuc is sure that a way out of the situation can be found only if citizens and elected deputies unite. “Yes, no one has ever done this in our country. Not wall to wall, but a demonstration of the general civil understanding that a way out of the disaster can only be found together. And only in this way - in the unity of civil society and elected deputies - this decision can be made. Today, more than ever, we must be above our political and linguistic differences. Today, more than ever before, we must be able to show our best qualities as a person and citizen. And then we will win our common civil victory over professional stupidity and socio-economic degradation,” Tkaciuc concluded. Point