Over 8,700 Ukrainians Have Entered Moldova in the Last 12 Hours

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Over the past 12 hours, the Border Police have registered 26,415 border crossings, of which 15,062 were at the entrance to the country. The increased flow was recorded at several checkpoints across the state border. We are talking about entering the Republic of Moldova through the Palanca-Mayaky-Udobne checkpoint, Basarabeasca-Serpneve checkpoint. Departure from the Republic of Moldova was most often carried out through the Giurgiulesti-Galati checkpoint, reports noi.md Minimum traffic is recorded at other border crossing points. The border with Romania was the most “busy” – 14,314 crossings out of the total number, and 12,101 crossings were recorded at checkpoints located on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border. The busiest time at the border, when there was an influx of passengers, was between 20:00 and 03:00. As for the border crossing by citizens of Ukraine, a total of 13,345 crossings were recorded, of which 8,793 at the entrance to the Republic of Moldova and another 5,552 crossings at the exit from the country. At the same time, 5,139 of Ukrainians were minor, under the age of 14. It is noted that the border crossing points with both Romania and Ukraine are operating normally. Point