Sandu Looks Forward to the Berlin Platform to support Moldova

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President Maia Sandu has high hopes for the Moldova support platform to be launched on April 5 in Berlin by Romania, France and Germany. The Head of State is waiting for the mobilization of international support for the creation of a national anti-crisis program, given that the war in Ukraine will have serious economic consequences for our country, reports “We need support, including support in the form of budget assistance, financial resources that go to the budget to partially compensate for the shortfall in income. Support is important for the economic sector. Now we have a very difficult energy crisis and an economic crisis caused by the war, so the support of small and medium-sized enterprises is especially important. The energy sector is a big problem for Moldova, because energy prices will not decrease. The prices are very high, and we all feel it,” the head of state said at yesterday’s press conference. A special topic to be discussed in Berlin will be devoted to energy security. Moldova has recently been included in the EU’s commitment to joint gas purchases. Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu said that Berlin will discuss a package of support with financial resources, grants and investment loans in priority areas. Earlier, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita said that she would discuss at a conference in Berlin with international and European partners the support Moldova needs in the current context, including support in security risk management. Point