Communists and Socialists Promise to Ignore the Ban on Using the St. George's Ribbon

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The Bloc of Communists and Socialists (BCS) condemns the bill on combating disinformation adopted in the first reading by the parliament calling it "the law to actually suppress the freedom of speech and introduce political censorship". They promise to ignore the ban on using the ribbon of St. George, the statement by the Communists and Socialists reads, published on April 8. The BoCS believes that this law being adopted authorizes the Information and Security Service with the punitive body function, while nationals with objectionable points of view will be subject to persecution for political reasons. "If anyone doubts, the Bloc of Communists and Socialists declares on behalf of the majority of citizens of our country that it will continue to receive news and information from all available sources, including from the official bodies of the Russian Federation, a friendly state. ... Not a single state official or ISS officer dares to tell us what is reliable information and what is fake, lies and slander," the statement says. Communists and Socialists promise to continue to participate in all traditional events dedicated to Victory Day while wearing the St. George's ribbons. The Bloc of Communists and Socialists also calls on citizens "not to be timid in front of the new "Pinochets", adhere to the voice of conscience, the letter of the Constitution and international documents on human rights and freedoms, be bold and dignified in expressing their own point of view." Recall, on April 7, the parliamentary ruling majority adopted the PAS bill on combating propaganda and disinformation in the first reading. The draft, inter alia, provides for fines of up to 75 thousand lei for violating this law and allows the ISS to block websites and fine anyone for spreading disinformation. The ruling PAS also reported that Moldova has introduced a ban on the St. George's ribbon and the symbols Z and V, which Russian troops use in the war in Ukraine. Newsmaker