Prime Minister: Moldova to Extend the State of Emergency

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Moldova will extend the state of emergency which was introduced on February 24 in connection with the armed conflict in the neighboring country. This was stated in the Cutia Neagră program on TV8 by Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita. She noted that the government will appeal to Parliament to extend the state of emergency due to the war in Ukraine. Moreover, the authorities plan to retain the state of emergency until the active phase of the conflict is over, reports. "While there is an ongoing war in the neighborhood, and there are risks that the conflict will spread causing new flows of refugees, I think there is a need to ask for an extension of the state of emergency. We have committed ourselves not to abuse this regime and to make crisis management decisions. I think it will add more confidence to citizens," the Prime Minister said. In doing so, she said, the government will be able to ensure the safety of citizens and take over a rapid decision-making tool through the Emergency Situations Commission. But it will be used only where appropriate, without abuse. The country's airspace will also remain closed. There will be only one special air corridor from the capital's airport to Romania. The state of emergency was introduced in Moldova on February 24, 2022 for a period of 60 days. The decision was made due to the outbreak of the armed conflict in Ukraine. Point