Macron Refuses to Call Russia's Actions in Ukraine Genocide

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The French leader considers the "escalation of words" inappropriate, since Russians and Ukrainians are "brotherly people". French President Emmanuel Macron, in an interview with France 2 TV channel, refused to label Russia's actions in Ukraine as genocide, noting that the Russian and Ukrainian peoples are "fraternal". The words of the French leader were quoted by CNN. Answering the question whether Macron, following the example of US President Joe Biden, will use the term "genocide" to describe the killings of Ukrainians by Russian troops, the French leader noted, "Today I would be prudent with such terms, because these are brotherly peoples. I will continue to try the utmost to be able to stop the war and restore peace. I’m not sure if the escalation of words serves our cause.” According to him, what is happening in Ukraine is "unacceptable" and France will help in the investigation of alleged war crimes. "What we can say for sure is that the situation is unacceptable and that these are war crimes... Russia unilaterally started an extremely brutal war, now it has been established that the Russian army committed war crimes, and now we must find the perpetrators," Macron stressed. The TV channel recalled that earlier the word "genocide" was used to describe the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine not only by Biden, but also by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as well as Polish President Andrzej Duda. Earlier, Macron said that he would not label Russian President Vladimir Putin as a "butcher" or a war criminal, as Biden did. He urged not to allow further escalation "neither in words nor in actions." Корреспондент