Popsoi: Those Who Back the War in Ukraine Will Wear the St. George’s Ribbon on May 9

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Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Mihai Popsoi believes that on May 9, the St. George’s ribbon will be worn by those “who support the war in Ukraine.” The statement was made after President Maia Sandu promulgated the latest amendments to the Code of Offenses which prohibit the use of symbols of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the Republic of Moldova, deschide.md reports. “On May 9, those who support the war in Ukraine, those who applaud the bombing of cities, who ignore the massacre of civilians with their hands tied behind their backs, the rape of women and the tears of children, will wear this ribbon. We cannot allow this to happen in Moldova. Today, a law banning symbols of war and hatred has been passed. On May 9, God-fearing people will celebrate peace!” the politician wrote. Recall that yesterday, April 19, the head of state, Maia Sandu, promulgated a law banning “symbols of war.” Earlier, the deputies approved an amendment to the Code of Offenses which prohibits “symbols and attributes that promote acts of military aggression, war crimes and crimes against humanity.” Among these symbols are the black and orange ribbon known as the St. George’s Ribbon, as well as the letters Z and V used by Russian troops that invaded Ukraine on February 24. According to the law, the production, sale and storage of these symbols will entail a fine of 4,500-9,000 lei or community service of 30-60 hours for individuals, and a fine of 9,000-18,000 lei for legal entities and state officials. Point