Batrincea: We Hope Our Authorities Won't Allow Moldova to Be Drawn into an Armed Conflict

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The Party of Socialists appeals to the whole society to stay calm and united, while urging  political forces to refrain from speculation and unfounded accusations in connection with armed provocations in Transdniestria. The PSRM executive secretary Vlad Batrincea posted this on his social media, reports. "With great concern we are following the increasingly obvious attempts by some external forces to drag our country into an armed conflict. We emphasize the paramount importance of preserving peace in the Republic of Moldova and preventing the involvement of our country and our citizens in the war. The PSRM has repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that the Republic of Moldova should preserve the neutrality prescribed in the Constitution, and the country's leadership and the entire political class should exclude any provocative actions that could have disastrous consequences for the country," he stressed. In this context, Batrincea added, the PSRM believes that all state institutions should show the highest possible mobilization, and citizens are urged to be extremely vigilant and not respond to provocations of destructive and malicious elements. "We hope that external forces will abandon attempts to provoke an armed conflict in the Republic of Moldova. We hope that the current leadership of the country realizes the great importance of preserving peace and tranquility in the country, and that it will not allow itself to be drawn into the game of external political forces. Today, our people need even greater cohesion, which also depends on how the Moldovan media will cover the events. Therefore, we call on the press, journalists and political observers to show maximum responsibility and exclude aggressive messages that can only aggravate the situation. The PSRM remains a political force interested in maintaining calm and peace in the Republic of Moldova," the socialist concluded. Point