Gavrilita: Involving Moldova in the War Would Also Mean Involving Other Countries

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Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita responded to the question of whether Moldova remains at risk of being involved in the war currently raging in the neighboring country. The statements came during an interview for “Obviously, we have fears and we have risks, because we have the Transdniestrian region, which is a breakaway region, a territory not controlled by the central authorities, where the foreign army, the Russian army, is stationed. It is one of the countries involved in the war. And, certainly, this poses certain risks both for Ukraine and for the right bank,” Gavrilita noted. The premier assured the citizens that at the moment the analysis shows no imminent risks of the spillover from the war onto the territory of Moldova, neither on the right nor on the left bank. “That would mean that a neutral country would be involved in the war, a country that never wanted or made any effort to join NATO. And think about the European public opinion, what will happen, what will be the reactions. We also have a large number of citizens with dual citizenship, they have Romanian citizenship - EU member state, NATO member state, so everybody is watching this situation closely. We, the government, are making all diplomatic efforts to keep calm and prevent an escalation of hostilities on Moldova’s territory,” the prime minister added. At the same time, Gavrilita noted that if Moldova finds itself drawn into war, it will not endure without the help of partners. “I do not want to speculate on such hypothetical scenarios. It is clear that we will not last long without the help of our partners. At the same time, there are no immediate risks, while Moldova’s involvement in a war would mean a much broader involvement of several states,” Gavrilita said. Point