Kulminski: The Transdniestrian Conflict Cannot Remain Frozen

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The future of Transdniestria is basically already predetermined because Chisinau and Tiraspol, mediators and observers have been negotiating for 30 years on the basis of a defined formula. The formula provides for an exclusively peaceful, political settlement of the Transdniestrian conflict based on territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova within its internationally recognized borders. This opinion was voiced by ex-Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration of Moldova, Vlad Kulminski, during The Main Question program with Iulia Fedorova on NTV-Moldova, noi.md reports. “There is a very specific formula with that everyone agreed and still agrees to. So I think we should stick with it, and it’s very important for us that this formula continues to work. The truth is that we haven’t offered anything concrete for this formula for a long time, and this is a big mistake, because if someone thinks that the Transdniestrian conflict can be just kept frozen, then it cannot. I’ll upset you. It is no longer frozen. And as I see it, we need, within a very short time frame, to give primarily ourselves a clear answer to the question, what do we want? What format of settlement within this or that formula do we see? Because if we do not deal with the Transdniestrian settlement, the Transdniestrian settlement will deal with us, and it is absolutely clear to everyone,” Vlad Kulminski noted. Point