Popescu: Three out of Ten EU Accession Steps Completed

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Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu stated that by submitting the second part of the European Commission’s questionnaire for accession to the EU, Moldova has fulfilled the third step out of 10 in the list. “The answers to the 1,822 questions in the second part of the questionnaire, structured in 33 chapters on 2,800 pages, were prepared by a special group of officials from ministries and government agencies, civil society representatives, members of the diaspora and friends of our country in the European Union,” Popescu wrote on his Telegram page, tv8.md reported. “Through dedication, responsibility, joint efforts and an ambitious reform program, we will bring our country closer to the EU. This is a complex bureaucratic undertaking accomplished in record time, and in this regard I express my deep gratitude to all participants. We have proved that together we are strong. This is truly a historic stage for our country,” the Deputy Prime Minister added. Recall that on Thursday, May 12, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita sent the second part of the questionnaire on Moldova’s accession to the European Union. The document was handed over to the EU Ambassador in Chisinau, Janis Mažeiks, at the opening of the new headquarters of the EU Delegation. On March 3, Moldova signed an application for membership in the European Union. On April 11, Moldova received the application form for EU membership, and 11 days later, on April 22, our country submitted the first completed part of the form. Point