BoCS Is Protesting in Front of the National Bank: “Down with the PAS Government”

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BoCS deputies, PCRM and PSRM members and supporters are protesting today in front of the National Bank of Moldova. The protesters are outraged by the total increase in prices and demand urgent measures to stop this, reports. Protesters also insist on the resignation of the National Bank governor and the entire PAS government. Bogdan Tirdea, BoCS MP, said that the NBM policy has turned into a real disaster for Moldova and its citizens. “The NBM must be led by a governor who will serve his country, his people and not the foreign corporations and oligarchs”, he stressed. BoCS MP Andrian Lebedinschi described the ongoing price situation in the country as a “genocide”. “In three months, they have stolen a third of our wages. We can no longer buy the goods and services we were able to buy three months ago. They try to convince us that it is the “importation” of inflation, but the real reason is the bad management of all affairs in the country. The only solution is to send everyone who is incompetent out of office. Neither the NBM nor the government is up to the task,” he said. BoCS deputy Constantin Staris drew attention to the fact that the inflation rate in peaceful Moldova is higher than in Ukraine and Russia. He expressed confidence that it is not only the incompetence of the current government, but also an evil intent. “They want to turn people’s lives into a living hell. They are destroying faith in their own state, because they don’t need it,” Staris stated. Radu Mudreac speaking at the protest explained how, through the fault of the current authorities, Moldovan farmers ended up on the verge of bankruptcy. Aleksandr Odintov, chairman of the PSRM faction in the Chisinau Municipal Council, said that the “good times” have come only for the country’s leadership, not for the citizens. “They bow down to the IMF and their other Western patrons, at whose behest they are staging a real genocide against their people,” Odintov said. The protesters demanded the resignation of the entire National Bank board. Point