Nastase: The Current Government’s Incompetence Is Unprecedented

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Andrei Nastase, a founding chairman of the DA Platform, criticized the work of the current authorities and said that the supreme executive body headed by Natalia Gavrilita is completely inefficient. Nastase said that the current authorities are running the country poorly, while the credit for proper managing the migration crisis is due not to the authorities but to the citizens, reports. Andrei Nastase says that things in the Parliament are also bad, where the majority of 63 deputies can’t offer ideas for bills that would improve people’s lives. The DA Platform leader expressed his disappointment with the way the PAS authorities are dealing with the economic and security crisis that the society is going through. Andrei Nastase characterized the government headed by Natalia Gavrilita as completely non-effective and said that the supreme executive body remains dominated by political interests. “The incompetence of this government is beyond compare, and this incompetence only harms the population. Such mockery has not been seen in Moldova for a long time. Things are going extremely badly, people no longer have confidence in tomorrow. They have no income to pay for gas or electricity. And most importantly, fear reigns in our society. And this is very serious. In the countries directly involved in the war things are better than in the Republic of Moldova, I mean economically. Even Ukraine has no such inflation. In Eastern and Western countries crisis management is much better organized. Even in the time of plague, our country thinks it is necessary to do politics,” said Andrei Nastase during the program Freedom cu Dorin Galben on the TV8 channel. Andrei Nastase says that PAS authorities appointed obedient people to key state positions, who show no competence or professionalism. Also, according to Nastase, the former DA Platform faction was much better prepared than the current PAS deputies. “The people in charge in this country are the prime minister and the president of the country, and in some cases the chairman of Parliament, who is also the PAS chairman, and PAS has an overwhelming majority of 63 mandates. They have nothing to do in Parliament. Because they do not legislate, they do not draft bills. The refugee crisis rediscovered us as a nation. But this is due to the citizens. What the authorities did was political PR, causing a scandal with the mayor of Chisinau. We know it’s hard to manage the crisis like the one we’re going through, but showing such incompetence is just too much. And it’s not only incompetence at the top level, there are people who are appointed in state institutions and do not know what to do”, Andrei Nastase added. Earlier, former Moldovan Prime Minister Ion Sturza also said that there are fields of activity within the supreme body of the executive power which require reshuffling of the government. Sturza mentioned the Ministries of Economy, Agriculture and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development. Point