Batrincea about the PАS Initiative to Abolish Immunity: It’s a Political Show

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Vlad Batrincea stated that the Bloc of Communists and Socialists will not support the anti-scientific project and will not follow the procedures necessary to amend the Constitution. The MP said that the BoCS will appeal it according to the procedure stipulated by international rules and will consult the opinion of the Venice Commission on this initiative, reports. “Several criminal offenders do not have parliamentary immunity, and we do not see that the judiciary brings them to court. We do not see that the money stolen in the Republic of Moldova was returned to the country. But overnight there is so much of confidence, and it’s only immunity that prevents media shows to prove that we are fighting corruption. Why do we have to bring up the biggest corrupt people who laugh at what’s happening in Moldova and live very luxuriously? This is a political show that will not give you political and electoral results. You know very well who stole. The BoCS cannot support a half-scientific project without co-ordination from partners in the Council of Europe, without presenting plausible arguments and without real debate and without, as the Council of Europe suggested, a broad consensus in Parliament,” said Batrincea. The PAS bill proposes to remove an MP's immunity in cases of corruption offenses or money laundering. If these charges are brought against an MP, parliamentary consent would no longer be required to detain, arrest or search and take the case to court. Point