Dodon: The Next Heating Season Could Be Fatal for Many

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If experts’ forecasts that the gas price in Europe next winter could reach up to 3000-3500 euros per thousand cubic meters are justified, then the blue fuel tariff of 35-40 lei may become a reality for Moldovan consumers. Igor Dodon warned about this during the program The Main Question on NTV Moldova. He advised the authorities not to count on help from the West and urgently initiate negotiations with Russia, otherwise the situation could become really dramatic, reports. “The West won’t help, because they will have their own complete disaster. The next heating season could be fatal for many people. Lots of people can simply freeze to death next year. So, before it’s too late, negotiate a new gas supply contract with Russia. Ideally, we should get an agreement like Hungary’s, but we need to be neutral for that. Hungary has a fixed price of $340 for 10 years, Serbia – $220-240. Before it is too late, forget your arrogance, sit down and negotiate a new contract with Russia. Try to reach at least $300-400,” Dodon urged. At the same time, he said, they should work out and introduce a very clear compensation mechanism. If neither the first nor the second is done, Igor Dodon warned, neither the economy nor the population will manage the cold season of 2022-2023. Point