Nagacevschi: Dodon Could Face up to 20 Years in Prison

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The detained ex-president of Moldova, Igor Dodon, who is suspected of corruption and treason, could face up to 20 years in prison. This was stated by lawyer and former MP Valerie Nagacevschi in a commentary, reports “Given that Dodon is suspected of violating four articles of Moldova’s Criminal Code, it is necessary to determine which of them provides the most severe punishment – and it is treason. If there is an investigation, he is charged under this article, the case goes to court and the court agrees with the prosecutor’s arguments, then Dodon will face a prison sentence of 12 to 20 years,” Nagacevschi stated. Anti-Corruption prosecutors on Tuesday detained Dodon for 72 hours, whom authorities suspect of passive corruption, illegal enrichment, financing the party at the expense of a criminal organization and treason. The former leader’s house was searched and investigated. The leadership of the Socialist Party called upon its supporters to come out in support of Dodon. The party later announced mass protests on Wednesday. Dodon, through his lawyers, said on social media that he had evidence of his innocence. The politician regarded the actions of law enforcement agencies and his detention as “a made-up political case”. The politician urged supporters of the Socialist Party to support the protests, he expressed confidence that the opposition “with a strong stance and courage” will put down and “if citizens demand it, eliminate the ruling party’s regime destroying Moldova”. Point