EU Has No Plans for an Embargo on Russian Gas

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Having decided to impose the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, the EU is not yet thinking about the seventh. The European Union has no plans to impose a ban on Russian gas supplies, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said Tuesday, May 31. “The gas embargo will not be the topic of the next sanctions package,” he said. For his part, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo said the EU should take a break from imposing new sanctions against Russia. “From Belgium’s point of view, the latest package is a big step forward, and I think we should take a break for now. Let this package work. The impact of the oil embargo on Russia is much greater than that of gas. For gas, the path is much more complex,” he said. The official noted that the imposition of the oil embargo was a victory for the whole EU, in which no one believed. The day before, the EU leaders reached a compromise on banning the import of Russian oil. The embargo will affect 90% of all Russian oil imports until the end of this year. The rest 10 or 11% will go through the southern branch of Druzhba pipeline to Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. There is a temporary exemption for these countries. Корреспондент