Moldova Bans the Broadcasting of News from Russia

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The law on the information space safety is designed to fight disinformation The Moldovan Parliament has adopted a law on security of information space aimed at combating misinformation. According to the document, the media will no longer be able to disseminate news and analysis from a number of countries, including Russia. This was reported by Teleradio-Moldova. The adopted law prohibits media services providers and distributors to broadcast “TV and radio programs of informational, analytical, military and political content” from countries that have not ratified the European Convention on Transfrontier Television. According to the law, films, music and entertainment programs that do not have militaristic overtones can be left on the air. Also, Moldovan media have been prohibited to broadcast programs of any country of origin that justify military aggression, deny war crimes or incite hatred. A violation of the law could result in a fine of up to one hundred thousand Moldovan lei (more than three hundred thousand rubles). Голос Америки