Ciolacu: Moldova Doesn’t Need Military Aid, Romania Is Its Shield

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Romania is and will be a shield for Moldova which doesn’t need the military help, because the neutrality is written in its Constitution. This is the opinion of the President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Romanian Parliament, Marcel Ciolacu, who has visited Chisinau, reports. “I believe that Moldova does not need military aid. As far as I know, the Moldovan constitution assumes a status of neutrality. Instead, it is necessary to ensure border security for the benefit of all of Europe. I think that this is where Romania can get even closer to Moldova. To be more precise, Romania is a shield for Moldova, and that is how it should be,” Ciolacu said during a conference with Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu. However, Grosu disagreed with Ciolacu and reiterated the need to boost the National Army. “Yes, it’s true, neutrality is written in the Constitution. But I said before, neutrality is not an ornament, it has to be defended, and the borders have to be guarded. We have bilateral and multilateral cooperation, and we have benefited from that by our participation in international missions. There is a rule in international relations: you can’t be part of the community by only benefiting, you also have to contribute,” Grosu concluded. Point