The EU Develops a Plan to Abandon Russian Gas

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While the European Union annually buys 155 billion cubic meters of gas from Russia, Brussels has figured out how to replace 85 billion. The European Union has developed a plan that will help to refuse supplies of Russian gas. This was stated by the European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton, DW reports. He recalled that the EU annually imports 155 billion cubic meters from Russia. According to the plan, the EU plans to receive 50 billion cubic meters via imports of liquefied gas from the U.S. or Qatar, 10 billion cubic meters - through existing pipelines, another 25 billion cubic meters will be produced through the accelerated launch of offshore wind farms and solar panels. According to Breton, Russian President Vladimir Putin is using “gas to divide us, and for years has done everything to divide Europe.” “He tried to divide us with his Sputnik vaccine that didn’t work. He has done everything to interfere in our democracies with Russia Today, and now he’s using gas to divide us,” he said. Earlier, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said that the EU has no plans to impose a ban on Russian gas supplies. Корреспондент