Dodon: Preparations for the Military and Political Accession of Moldova to Romania and NATO Are Underway

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As the fifth president of Moldova, Igor Dodon, writes on his page in the social network, preparations are made for the military and political accession to the territory of Romania, while giving up neutrality. According to him, Maia Sandu and her outside bosses are following the Ukrainian scenario, deliberately destabilizing the situation, and some political players from the West want to use the Moldovans as cannon fodder in a geopolitical battle currently taking place in the region, reports. Arming processes and anti-Russian hysteria are deliberately orchestrated to justify the presence of NATO troops on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. “Without asking the citizens’ opinion, in defiance of constitutional norms, a technical and political-military unification with a neighboring country is being prepared, which later the PAS parliamentary majority and the usurped Constitutional Court will try to formalize and legalize under the patronage of foreign troops, as it already happened in the history of our people early in the last century. This is a very fallacious and dangerous strategy for both our people and those who are trying to put it in place. I wonder if the current rulers are aware of all these risks, if they realize that they may be the last leaders of Moldova and that they are being used as puppets in plans and strategies written somewhere in Western chanceries,” he notes. He further says that in order to prepare the technical association, it was necessary for Moldova to demonstrate its inability to ensure economic, energy and territorial security on its own, it was necessary to demoralize the citizens so that they would stop believing in their own country. “And the PAS puppet government, together with thousands of foreign experts and NGOs funded by Western loans and grants, is the perfect tool for this and for pursuing the interests of the West, Soros and NATO. Maia Sandu and PAS steadily facilitate the economic, moral and political liquidation of the state. And so that nobody interferes with them, they fabricate criminal cases against opposition forces, in particular against the Party of Socialists and its leaders, in order to tarnish our image. All the recent political cases with elements of selective justice, against the background of stagnating high profile cases of theft of a billion dollars, airport concession and so on, are part of this diabolical scenario to destroy the opposition and its leaders able to prevent the plans to drag our country into war and eliminate Moldova’s statehood”, the politician stated. In this regard, he calls on all opposition forces, regardless of their ideological and geopolitical orientation, to talk to citizens, to explain what risks exist and how Maia Sandu and the PAS betrayed the national interests of the people. “I believe that every patriotic party must morally mobilize its supporters and be ready to step out at any moment to defend statehood and neutrality and peace for our children. Only through mobilization can we save our entire society from poverty and cold. I am convinced that sooner or later I will also join the rebellious citizens and the inevitable protests. I will help with whatever I can. If socialists and I were in power, there would be no such chaos, no such economic degradation. We would have managed all the risks in the economy, medicine and energy in a much more professional, diplomatic and responsible way. And no military threat would have threatened us as a country. However, right now we have what we have - the times that are not good. We need to fight to return to normality. I am sure that people will choose to fight for their and their children’s future, and not to passively die of cold and poverty,” Igor Dodon concluded. Point