Popescu: Moldova Needs a Strong Army That Can Defend Its Citizens

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Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu believes that our country needs a strong army, while neutrality “implies neither demilitarization, nor indifference to international law, nor self-isolation.” According to Popescu, reinforcing army does not contradict the status of neutrality, unimedia.info reports. “We have voiced this position publicly. There are neutral states like Cyprus, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, they have very strong, combat-ready and well-equipped armies, regular training, modern equipment. This is what Moldova needs,” Popescu said. “Before the war, I mentioned dozens of times that we have to prepare for all kinds of scenarios. Obviously, that includes army training. We have a very good partnership with the EU and bilateral relations with a number of countries. We will provide additional details on how the government, the National Army, the Supreme Commander, the President are going to improve our security,” the minister added. When asked if we can strengthen the army with non-lethal weapons, the Foreign Minister replied, “We are strengthening the army with all necessary methods. Cooperation with the EU concerns non-lethal equipment. As to other frameworks of cooperation, colleagues from the Ministry of Defense will provide details.” Point