The Moldovan Government Says Today’s Gas Prices Are “the Best”

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Andrei Spinu, deputy prime minister and vice-president of the ruling party PAS, insists that the contract for gas supplies to Moldova, signed through his mediation, should be maintained. Because of it, the gas tariff is close to 20 lei per 1 cubic meter. As Spinu said on air of TV8, although the gas tariffs are very high, the current contract with Gazprom is “the most advantageous solution”, writes. “We have the best gas offer on the [world] market today. Although we understand that this price is high for many citizens. We are in a situation where the price of gas in summer is higher than it was sometimes in winter,” Spinu added. At the same time, the official who is directly responsible for the gas tariff increase said that the current tariff of 18.6 lei per 1 cubic meter may be reduced only in case of a downward trend in the market prices. The 5-year contract with Gazprom for gas supplies to Moldova was signed in late October 2021 through the mediation of Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu. After signing the Contract, Moldova received the highest and most unfavorable price for gas, while committing to supply gas to Transdniestria for free. Point