Raileanu: RM Authorities Received Another “Red Card” from the European Partners

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The PSRM deputy argues the Moldovan authorities received another “red card”, this time from the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. The vice chairwoman of the parliamentary commission for culture, education, research, youth, sport and media, Adela Raileanu, stated on her social network page that the European organization had put the Republic of Moldova on an extended monitoring procedure, which is a clear signal of regression in human rights protection, aif.md reported. The reason, she said, was the change in broadcasting legislation in 2021 and bringing the public organization Teleradio-Moldova under political control. “I have repeatedly pointed out the anti-democratic nature of the anti-reform that PAS deputies are hastily promoting by amending the Broadcasting Code. The time has come for the Council of Europe to state explicitly at the highest level that the law passed by the PAS does not meet its criteria and that imposing political control over broadcasting, especially over the public broadcaster Teleradio-Moldova, does not comply with the Council of Europe standards. The Committee of Ministers underscores the negative impact of the PAS law on freedom of expression and on the independence and pluralism of public broadcasting and calls on the authorities to review the provisions of the Broadcasting Code to provide clear guarantees for the true independence of the Broadcasting Council and to exclude possible political control of Teleradio-Moldova. Dear citizens, who else should send us alarm signals and warn us that the PAS has politically subjugated the entire broadcasting sector? What else must happen to make them understand that they rule only through abuses and make decisions that seriously damage the image of our country in the international arena?” Adela Raileanu wrote. Point