Popescu on Moldova’s Integration into the EU: This Process May Take a Decade

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Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Nicu Popescu said that Moldova’s accession to the EU is a sustainable process that may take decades. He noted that to achieve this goal, Moldova will have to improve its justice system, as well as address corruption, infrastructure and education, nokta.md reported. “It will not happen tomorrow, we have a lot of work to do, and you know we have to improve the justice system, the fight against corruption, infrastructure and education. So, the country’s transformation to prepare for accession to the European Union takes time, this difficult process may take ten or twelve years even,” Popescu said on the air of the program In PROfunzime At the same time, the minister noted that Moldova’s speedy integration into the EU depends largely on the will of citizens and the political class, since it is they who must support the authorities in carrying out reforms. “It also depends on the will of Moldovan citizens and political class to implement these reforms, to provide support to implement these reforms and to succeed in joining the EU. I am very optimistic that our citizens have finally chosen the path of European integration and that they clearly understand that Moldova’s future, Moldova's prosperity, our democracy, our security can be ensured in and with the European Union countries,” the Foreign Minister added. Point