The U.S. Doesn’t Consider China’s Position on Ukraine Neutral

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China’s position of neutrality is nothing more than a “hollow statement”, U.S. State Department said. China’s statements about neutrality with regard to the war in Ukraine do not correspond to the real state of affairs. This was said by U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price, Ukrinform reported on Friday, June 17. “Despite what we hear from China about its stance of purported neutrality, the PRC has already made a choice,” he said, adding that China prefers to stand by Russia. As Price said, it’s “very disturbingly” that China is echoing Russian propaganda on many fronts. “The fact that the PRC is in many ways still denying the atrocities that have taken place inside Ukraine, the atrocities that we have seen with our own eyes thanks to the reporting from many media, I think speaks to the partnership and the choice that China has made,” the State Department spokesman stressed. Price added that “the position of stated neutrality on the part of the PRC is nothing more than a hollow statement.” As a reminder, Chinese leader Xi Jinping held telephone talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week. They discussed the situation in Ukraine. Xi Jinping refused to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine or recognize them as an invasion and “called for a negotiated solution.” Корреспондент