Ukraine Exits Several CIS Agreements

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MPs have supported a number of bills that provide for withdrawal from several CIS agreements. The Ukrainian parliament approved Ukraine’s withdrawal from a number of agreements within the framework of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The decision was passed at a meeting on June 19, the press service of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine reports. Thus, MPs supported the bill No 0093 on the withdrawal from the agreement on cooperation in the development and use of mobile phone systems. Also, the Rada voted for the bill No 0103 on the withdrawal from the agreement on building interstate reserve of biologics and other means of animal protection within the CIS. In addition, Ukraine also withdrew from the protocol on amendments to the agreement on the intergovernmental field messenger service for the delivery of official correspondence of the CIS institutions, which dealt with the right of employees to keep and use service weapons in accordance with the national legislation. The deputies also supported the draft law No 0147 on withdrawal from the agreement on support and development of small business in the CIS. In addition, the law No 0149 on the termination of the agreement between the Ukrainian and Russian governments on scientific and technical cooperation was adopted. Recall that the Rada banned Russian music in the media and public space. Корреспондент