Gavrilita Demanded a Firewood Stock for Winter

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According to Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita, Moldova not only this autumn, but this is going to be challenging as well. At a government meeting, the head of the cabinet demanded that the Minister of Environment ensure a stock of firewood, up to and including exports. “Mrs. Cataragiu, we need to make the issue of providing firewood a priority. I ask you very much that this be the main issue to work on. We must have a program to provide the population with firewood. We must ensure that there will be no increase in the price of firewood. If necessary, we will ask for help from outside,” said Gavrilita at a government meeting, reports The prime minister said that the Ministry of Labor and Social Security is working on a mechanism of targeted compensation for heating, electricity and gas for the neediest segments of the population. It is worth noting that it has already been reported that most people in rural areas have already queued up to buy firewood. People say that it is not so easy to buy firewood, it is necessary to sign up in advance. At the same time, many forest farms are already imposing a limit on the sale of firewood, in order to be able to provide firewood to everyone in need. Point