NATO Summit Approves New Aid Package for Ukraine

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The NATO summit approved a new aid package for Ukraine to help it switch to weapons of the alliance’s standards. It also provides Kyiv with non-lethal assistance, such as fuel. The heads of NATO states and governments approved a new aid package for Ukraine at their summit in Madrid. This was announced at the end of the first working session on Wednesday, June 29, by Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, DW correspondent reports. “Today the leaders agreed to strengthen our support by supporting an all-encompassing aid package for Ukraine,” Stoltenberg said. This package provides for two types of support. The first is the provision of non-lethal aid to Ukraine in the short term. For example, fuel and first-aid kits. As Stoltenberg noted, anti-drone systems and equipment for secure communications will also be provided. The second type is designed for the long-term perspective: the alliance wants to help Ukraine to switch to weapons and equipment of NATO standards from the armament of the Soviet model. According to DW source in NATO, several hundred million euros will be allocated for the new package. Projects of assistance to Ukraine’s transition to weapons of NATO standards are planned to be prepared in cooperation with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities by the end of the year. DW