Chicu on PAS’s year in power: “Good Times” Stand for Poverty, Hunger, Cold, Abuse

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Former Prime Minister Ion Chicu harshly criticized the performance of the ruling party PAS, which won early parliamentary elections a year ago. As a symbol of PAS being in power, Chicu published a video showing Prime Minister Gavrilita idly walking past an old woman begging for alms during one of the party’s demonstrations. “Today marks exactly one year since we Moldovans entrusted the country to an extremist party, the brainchild of Soros and Filat. A party which aims not at a decent life for the citizens of the country, but at staying in power at any cost. To stay in power, this incompetent and corrupt group uses all the instruments of an anti-people regime – dictatorship, usurpation of justice, opposition persecution, suppression of the press and human rights. No political regime has ever impoverished a country’s population to such an extent in just one year of rule. No regime has ever squandered the country’s foreign exchange reserves so quickly and on such a scale. The “good times” PAS brought to Moldovans stand for poverty, hunger, cold, and abuse. PAS is kicking people. This is not what people chose a year ago,” Chicu wrote on social media. On July 11, 2021, PAS won the early parliamentary election with 52.80 percent of the vote to win 63 seats. Its main rivals, the Electoral Bloc of Communists and Socialists, came in second with 27.17 percent of the vote, or 32 seats. Another party that passed the electoral threshold was the Sor party, with 5.74%, which received 6 seats. Point