Macron Urged to Prepare for an End to Gas Supplies from Russia

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Russia uses energy resources as a weapon, and Europe must prepare for a complete cessation of Russian gas supplies. France must be prepared for the scenario when the supply of Russian gas will completely stop. French President Emmanuel Macron said so, Le Figaro reported Thursday, July 14. “Russia is using energy as a weapon, in particular by cutting the Nord Stream pipeline. We are in a hybrid war, and we must prepare for a scenario in which we have to do without Russian gas completely,” he said. At the same time, Macron noted that France is not very dependent on Russian gas thanks to its energy model. “But we are diversifying to look for gas elsewhere. We have receipts from Norway, Qatar, Algeria and the United States, among others. We are in the process of replenishing our reserves,” the French president said. He also stressed that France will help its European neighbors overcome the energy crisis. “We also have to help the more dependent countries, such as Germany. But we have to get into the sane logic. Now I will ask the administration, big groups to prepare a plan to reduce consumption,” Macron said, adding that France will need to show solidarity with its European neighbors. Earlier it was reported that the EU will replace Russian gas with Azerbaijani gas. The parties signed a memorandum on the issue. Recall, Gazprom has reduced the supply of gas through the Nord Stream-1 by 60%. Корреспондент