Media Disclose Details of Ukrainian Grain Export Deal

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The Wall Street Journal reported on the progress of the negotiations in Istanbul. The deal envisages a cease-fire and partial demining of three ports. Representatives of Ukraine, Russia, Turkiye and the UN during talks in Istanbul agreed to de-block three Ukrainian ports for grain exports. This was reported on Wednesday, July 13, the U.S. newspaper Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed informed sources. According to the agreement, the Ukrainian side will partially de-mine the ports, and minesweepers will work in the sea corridor around the clock. According to the newspaper, the parties preliminarily agreed on the following mechanism: grain may be shipped from three Ukrainian ports accompanied by Ukrainian vessels, while at the same time there will be a cease-fire to protect ships within geographical limits. To exclude the transportation of Western weapons by sea, the Turkish navy will check the ships, coming to the Ukrainian ports. The parties agreed to establish a coordination center in Istanbul under the aegis of the UN, responsible for controlling the supply of Ukrainian grain and monitoring the level of threat to the grain carriers. WSJ sources say that this is a preliminary agreement. The consent of Vladimir Putin is required for an official conclusion of the deal. The sources hope that the agreement may be obtained after Putin’s meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Tehran in the latter part of July. According to Ukrainian Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Mykola Solskyy, Ukraine needs to export 18 million tons of old-growth grain. Another 40 million tons are expected to be exported from the new crop. DW