Igor Grosu: We Will Invest in Our Army

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Regardless of whether a state is in a military bloc or has claimed neutrality, it must invest in the national army. This is the opinion of Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu. “We are in no way relaxed, just for the atrocities happening near us: in Zatoka, in Vinnytsia, and not thousands of kilometers away. We have no reason to relax. All discussions, especially of the fifth column, which dreams of liberation, that we should not spend money on the army, but spend it on other purposes, all this is pure speculation,” said the Speaker of Parliament in a broadcast on TVR Moldova. “We have received resources from the EU, and we will invest in our army. The military must be well-equipped, well-trained and fulfill its function to protect the country. The army is an indispensable element of any state, whether it is part of a military bloc or neutral. It is an honor and duty of any state,” added Igor Grosu. Earlier, President Maia Sandu said the events in Ukraine force the authorities to reconsider the need to modernize the National Army. The head of state noted that in case of Russian invasion, soldiers cannot be sent into battle unequipped. Point