Kuleba on Arms Supplies: HIMARS, Howitzers, Tanks are Coming and More Will Come

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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba announced an increase in supplies of Western weapons to Ukraine. This is what Forbes writes about. “The supply of weapons is a very delicate process. I will simply say: HIMARS, other MLRS from other countries, howitzers, tanks – everything is coming and there will be more. It’s purely a matter of time. Our task is to speed up the processes: from making political decisions to solving logistical problems,” he said, reports unian.net. He added that supplies from different countries through different channels are quite stable, but quantitatively unsatisfactory. "I will not say specifics, because I would be putting our supplies at risk. The main problem with supply is the schedule. E.g., my recent conversations with counterparts in arms-supplying countries. I voice what is needed once, and then several times in different wordings, at different moments to get the signal through and fix it, I say: ‘It needs to be by this date.’ Then we talk about something else. I say again, ‘By the way, I want to make it clear again: what I told you, it has to be done by this date.’ Three or four times a conversation, I get through people’s minds, because that’s the main problem. If we had received more artillery of 155 caliber, more multiple rocket launchers in time, Lysychansk and Severodonetsk would have remained under Ukrainian control. But everything takes time – that’s how the system unfolds,” Kuleba added. Point