Moldova’s Prime Minister Met with U.S. Senators

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Solutions for overcoming the crises caused by regional instability and the priorities of the Moldovan-American dialogue were discussed in Washington at a meeting of Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita with U.S. senators. Steven Daines and Robert Portman spoke with the Moldovan Prime Minister, the government’s press and protocol department told The officials discussed the measures taken by the Moldovan executive to mitigate the impact of the war on the well-being of citizens and practical ways to support our country to ensure economic and energy stability and sustainability. During the conversation, the Prime Minister noted that US assistance is necessary to ensure the country’s ongoing modernization processes, and the recent development of the bilateral Strategic Dialogue confirmed the importance of advancing a consistent partnership to promote democracy, security and prosperity in our country. “As we advance our reform agenda and the European Union accession process, we need more and more support from our partners. Even if Moldova has been hit hard by the regional crisis, we are working to achieve these goals and are grateful for the assistance provided by the United States in this regard,” the Prime Minister stressed. The US Senators said that the USA will continue to support the efforts to transform the country, mitigate the consequences of the armed conflict in Ukraine and resolve the crises. In this context, the sides exchanged views on measures to enhance energy security and strengthen the national energy system. Point