Seven Suspects in the Sor Case Left Moldova

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Seven suspects in the Sor case left Moldova between July 10 and 16. JurnalTV TV channel, citing its sources, writes that some of them should have been arrested. This is also reported by journalist Alex Сozer, who believes that the activities of the legal structures were severely sabotaged from within. “For example, Balitchi, who appears in the NACC reports with a bag of money, left for Tel Aviv on July 10. Himici, another person of the records who also appeared with wads of money, left for Istanbul. The others also sneaked away quickly during this time and did not return. Marina Tauber also left with the judges’ approval, but returned. Most likely, Sor convinced her to come home to be a victim. This is very serious! Because these escapes clearly derail the investigation and prejudge its outcome. It also casts a shadow over the legal structures,” according to Cozer. According to the journalist, the leaks have come from people in important positions in the state, “those very trusted, promoted or protected at the top of the government.” “It is imperative that these moles be found and held accountable for their actions. Otherwise, any operation will be turned upside down and investigations will be incomplete. Especially since this is not the first time such things have happened,” the journalist concluded. Point