PAS on the Stolen Billion: Deputies Launched Deoffshorization

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PAS presented the July 27 report of the Independent Anti-Corruption Advisory Commission on Bank Fraud. It was one year since the commission, which consists of six experts, including three international members, was created, it was presented at a press briefing, reported “Based on this report, we can say with certainty that the bank fraud was planned by a criminal organization led by Vladimir Plahotniuc and which consisted of other groups led by Platon, Sor, Andronaki and others. These groups included representatives of various structures and systems, BNM, CNA and others,” the appeal says. The deputies note that the report contains information about the process of theft, as well as recommendations to the responsible bodies and institutions “that should be undertaken to prevent such a thing in the future.” As a result, PAS deputies said they reported on the basis of this report and initiated “deoffshorization,” and for this purpose the people’s deputies propose: - to amend legislation that would prevent and provide legal tools to combat bank fraud and money laundering, as well as expedite reparations; - to ensure parliamentary control over the institutions responsible for preventing and combating crimes, to ensure the development of internal acts that will ensure prompt and immediate intervention in such situations. Point