Sandu in Bucharest: We Want to Buy Gas from Romania

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Maia Sandu went to Bucharest, where she held talks with her Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis. The Romanian president has promised that Moldova will continue to enjoy the support of the neighboring country. According to him, the help will come not only to overcome crises, but also to carry out reforms, reports “Moldova is particularly vulnerable, and the population is shocked by the increase in gas and electricity prices. We have considered options for bilateral support. We discussed the role of the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline. Romania is being strengthened as Moldova’s first commercial partner. I can assure you that Romania will continue to provide specific assistance to the country. We expect Moldova to overcome the crisis and carry out reforms,” Johannis said. Maia Sandu spoke about energy security and asked for the possibility to buy gas from Romania. At the same time, she thanked Romania for its support in the process of granting our country the EU candidate status. “I am convinced that the dialogue between our institutions will only become more dynamic as Moldova progresses towards accession to the EU. Romania’s experience will be helpful. Thank you for supporting us in our European endeavor. Romania’s voice is strong in Brussels. We want to buy gas from Romania and we need to enable this as soon as possible. It’s essential so that our people don’t freeze in winter,” Sandu said. Point