Media: US Amasses Additional Forces to Taiwan 

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The Pentagon is deploying ships and aircraft to the region amid Nancy Pelosi’s possible visit to the island. The US military relocates forces, including aircraft carriers and large planes, closer to Taiwan in anticipation of the expected visit to the island by US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, reports Nikei Asia on August 1. It is noted that the Pentagon was initially against the Speaker’s visit to Taiwan, “but now seems to be creating a buffer zone for Pelosi’s plane in case she decides to make a controversial stop.” Earlier, a reporter for the Taiwanese TVBS network posted on Twitter that the speaker was scheduled to arrive on the island the night of August 2. As you know, Pelosi and her delegation landed in Singapore on Monday, Aug. 1, as part of a tour of the Indo-Pacific region, during which the speaker will also visit Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. Plans for a visit to Taiwan are still unconfirmed. According to Nikei Asia, U.S. naval assets in the region include USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, USS Tripoli landing ship and USS America landing ship. Also USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier, USS Essex amphibious helicopter dock and 36 other warships, as well as three submarines are in the Pacific. Flight tracking websites also show that two HC-130J Combat King IIs intended to evacuate U.S. Air Force personnel arrived in Okinawa from Anchorage. They were accompanied by several KC-135 Stratotankers refueling planes. Recall that China has threatened to “take action” in case Pelosi may visit Taiwan, which it considers its territory. Корреспондент