Slusari about Spinu: Never Had Anything to Do with Gas, Transport or Roads

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Former MP Alexandru Slusari again criticized Infrastructure Minister Andrei Spinu. Slusari accused him of failed negotiations on the gas contract with Gazprom, suspicious tenders and incompetence. “The man had nothing to do with energy, transportation, roads or other infrastructure in his life. He only knew about Hong Kong, the PLDM interpreters, and the flags he collected after party rallies. For a whole year he filled the mega-ministry created especially for his unhealthy ambitions with scandals and suspicions. Unsuccessful negotiations on the gas contract, obscure tenders in Termoelectrica, favoring Russian oligarchs and Plahotniuc’s company, the power supply scheme with Boyko’s Ukrainian company, stopped at the last moment by the government, delays in the Moldovan-Romanian drinking water project. This is not even a full list of ‘heroic’ Minister Spinu’s deeds. The 100 hectares of willow as a measure from the energy anti-crisis plan is a cherry on top. The other measures are now forgotten. I speak only with sarcasm and anger about this minister and the willows. It is as if he were deliberately doing everything to discredit the ruling act and the European vector,” – Slusari expressed his indignation on social media. In this regard, he appealed to the country’s leadership with the question of the minister’s dismissal. “How many more bloopers does Mr. Spinu have to commit before the country’s leadership realizes this person must be sent to resign? Or does he have carte blanche to do whatever he wants until the next parliamentary elections?” asked Slusari. It is worth noting that earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu announced that he had no intention to resign. Point