COVID-19 Deaths Are on the Rise in Chisinau

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More than 3700 cases of COVID-19 were registered in Chisinau last week, which is almost 1000 more than in the previous week. This was stated on Monday at the municipal services’ operative meeting by Deputy Head of the General Directorate of Medical and Social Assistance Marina Buga informs. According to her, 7 people died during this period as a result of complications caused by COVID-19. “Omicron is the dominant strain. There has been an increase in coronavirus incidence infection in the suburbs. Most often adults are treated at home under the care of a family doctor. There were 358 patients admitted to hospitals in the capital, 61 of them in severe condition. A heavy duty is put on medical institutions, where children with mild and moderate forms are hospitalized. Now the city hospitals have 440 beds available. We have all the necessary drugs and medical equipment,” –Marina Buga said. The leadership of the department specified that most of the infected are not vaccinated. “We recommend that citizens supply all doses of vaccine. We also recommend wearing protective masks in crowded places and public transport. At the same time, wearing masks is mandatory in medical facilities,” Buga noted. According to the department, 51% of Chisinau residents have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and 25% of city residents have been revaccinated. Point