EU and UK Stop Buying Coal from Russia

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In the European Union, a complete ban on the import of Russian coal came into force on August 10. The European Union agreed on this measure in early April, as part of the fifth package of sanctions in response to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. Today, the United Kingdom also rejected Russian coal. The European Commission estimates that the embargo will affect a quarter of all Russian coal exports worth 8 billion euros a year. The EU is replacing Russian supplies with coal from North America, Australia, Colombia, South Africa and Kazakhstan. After the EU announced a ban on Russian coal supplies, Moscow redirected export flows to India and Turkey, among others. At the same time, Russia has to sell coal at a discount of up to 50 percent. By the end of the year European countries are planning to partially refuse supplies of Russian oil. An exception is envisaged for imports of crude oil by pipeline. The U.S. banned imports of gas, oil and coal from Russia in early March. Голос Америки