Tabarta: The European Course Is Quite Reversible

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The achievement of the status of EU candidate country is the greatest achievement of the government during its year in power. The political commentator, Ion Tabarta stated this. According to him, a significant contribution to the success of Moldova in the foreign arena was made by President Maia Sandu, due to her constitutional authority of foreign policy, reports According to Ion Tabarta, it is the success of Moldovan diplomacy and of the President Maia Sandu to offer Moldova a clear perspective for joining the EU. But, according to the commentator, the candidate-country status does not guarantee the irreversibility of the European way. “The European course is not irreversible. We have many reforms to carry out. We have an oligarchic-geopolitical opposition in the Parliament that wants to dislodge Moldova from this European course by destabilizing and undermining the entire political system. As for the energy aspects, no matter who goes to Russia to negotiate, we would have to pay the geopolitical price for cheaper gas. Because the Russian Federation imposes geopolitical conditions. Gazprom is not an economic entity, it does not only do business, and the Republic of Moldova would have to give something in exchange for favorable contracts, and this “something” is of course related to the European course,” said Ion Tabarta on the air of a public television channel. Point